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Tips on hauling long drown molding with 6' bed

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I'm in the remodling kick with my house and I'd like to buy long 16' piece of crown molding to avoid scarf joints. I've hauled 12' pieces just by hanging them out of the back of the truck and tying them down but even that seemed like a pretty good stretch. Whats the best way for me to haul 16' stock. I have a '05 King Cab with a 6' bed.

Someone suggested opening my rear window and running it up to the dash abd then strapping out the back. Someone else suggested running over the roof and tieing down across the hood. This is not an option for me. I don't want to scratch up my truck.
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lol, I bought a lot of 16 foot siding this weekend for my house. I'm remodeling and have the 6ft bet too.

1st buy a 2 x 10 x 12.
2nd put your tailgate down, and lay down your 2 x 10 x 12.
3rd put the molding on top of the board (2x10). Yes it will hang out 4 additional feet. Main thing is the 2x10 will not bend like your molding will.
Then, I put some cinder blocks on top of the molding at the front of your bed and towards the rear. Then I put straps across it.
My siding didn't budge. You could substitute something for the blocks, as they might ruin your molding.
If you are handy, you could build a structure that hangs over the side of the bed and another the hangs out the passenger window on the side of the truck and place the pieces in there. If you add enough padding you shouldn't have to worry about scratches. This also allows you to make turns and not have to worry about the pieces hanging too far out the back.

The other thing you could do is rent the lowes/homies truck for 20 bucks and then you won't have to worry about the bed issue.
You beat me to it with the load extender. They are also available from Harbor Freight for less and can adjust to meet the roof line or rear window height.
I used it on my LE with the roof rack and the 16 foot moldings were nice and secure on there. I put the wood on edge to make it more stable too.
If you wrap the wood tightly with plastic wrap the molding will stay rigid.
When all else fails see who's around with a truck with a roof rack.
I recently saw universal fit removable roof racks which I may buy, I'll look for the link.

This is what I found and will try it as it's reasonably priced even if it doesn't work.

I went out today to buy 12 foot siding for my house. Bought Harding cement board, its heavy stuff. 12' feet lengths and I bought 50 boards. I'd say I had around 800+ lbs in the bed. The weight is not on the tailgate, I put some boards perpendicular at the end of the bed, so It was raised up a tad. Then I put some cinder blocks on top and strapped it down via the cleats.
Worked well.

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Have it delivered, Thats how I get all the long stuff to the house or I just ask my landscaper buddy very nicely if I could come by and borrow his 16' trailer
I hauled 6 20' sticks of 3/4 pvc pipe by taping them together and tying them to the passenger mirror and the bed extender...
When I did the same thing (picked up the molding) I just bought a thick board that wouldn't sag and had the molding on top. Used a couple ratchet straps on the bed floor rails to secure it.
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