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So I'm going to start gathering everything needed to do these tensioners and I am curious and if anyone has done it without the flywheel lock?

By the looks of it, all the gears are keyed or pinned and there isn't much torque on the cam gears. So in theory, one could pull the front cover off, set the motor to TDC, mark everything, break torque on the gears, re-verify TDC and everything is still aligned, swap out the shoes, and reinstall the chains and gears but only install the bolts finger tight. Install the primary chain, and once it is installed since everything is keyed and pinned, then you can go back and torque the cam gear bolts, because if it slips, it doesn't matter at that point correct?

I am having a hard time justifying spending more on the tool to lock the motor than the parts themselves.

Nothing about this job is hard, just trying to get input on this overpriced flywheel lock haha.
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