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Timing Chain Replacement Question

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I had the timing chain replaced by dealer about a month ago. Maybe 1000-1500 miles. My question is this: After this work is the first oil change supposed to be quicker than the 3500 mile change? I just checked the oil and I noticed the level is fine but the oil is pretty black.
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When they do your chains are suppose to change your oil at that time. If they were not sloppy with the rtv then you should be able to wait like normal for next change. I changed my oil again after my first crank up because I had a little water get in my oil pan after removing my waterpump, but with them doing just the chains & tensioners they shouldn't have had that issue. You should be fine. Unless they were stupid and did not change your oil liek they were suppose to. Check your receipt for it listed there.
Nah...they changed the oil as part of the procedure, right? Just do whatever schedule you go by normally.
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