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Timing chain question

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My first question is do you need to replace the top chain guide? I ordered a kit and the guide that sits on-top between the 2 cams isnt in the kit. Dont wanna get it torn down and not have all the parts i need. Also, is it necessary to take the oilpans off if i can blow them out with compressed air? assuming the only reason that you take them off is because water from the water pump might leak in there. I am doing this on Sat so i wanna make sure i got everything together. thanks
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Here is a picture of what i am referring to with the top guide.
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i wrote that second list. if you want to do a complete job, replace everything you can. keep in mind that my list does not have the primary chain tensioner on it (i have that part number back home in fl at the moment) - its the large curved one on the primary chain on the passenger side of the engine.
Your list is how i realized i was missing something. The primary tensioner was in the kit, and at first I thought i had all the parts just some part numbers got changed. I talked to courtesy Nissan and told them they forgot a chain guide out of their kit. They are looking now to make sure they didnt forget anything else. Only thing that sucks is its going to cost me $70 to get a $12 part here by the weekend. :thatswck:
Brutal- Thanks for the heads up, I'll pull em' just to be safe. How long did it take you to do this? I'm hoping to knock everything out in a day.
If my friend didnt crack the rear timing chain cover it would have taken about 15 hours. Thats about where i was when i was putting the coolant in and realized something bad had happened. I did not take the top oilpan off, but there are 2 bolts that hold the cover on from the bottom that go through the top oilpan. I did cover the top oilpan so no coolant went in there when i pulled the waterpump. I bit of water does come out, and if you dont cover it up coolant WILL get in there. It is a pain in the *** but if you have time to go slowly you shouldnt have a problem. here is a link to another thread i started about it.

hope it helps. If you got anymore questions just give me a hollar. I might of ****ed my **** up but i learned a lot about it.
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When you take the front cover off it opens the top of the upper oilpan, so when you go to pull the water pump out the coolant that is behind the pump splashes out and since your oilpan is open it can drain in there which is no good. I edited a picture to show you, but photobucket is down for maintenance right now so i cant load it to this post. I will post it later on tonight (for me) tomorrow for you probably. What i did for mine, was i got some pigmat, its an absorbent material that only soaks up chemicals but repels water. stuffed it in my oilpan so that nothing could get in there, and then made a kinda run off with it, if that makes sense. that way when the coolant came out it would just run off on to the ground and not into my oilpan. you might can stick some rags in there but they will soak the water up and you might get some residual in your pan. Once i get the picture up you can see what i mean and i'm sure you will figure out your own way to prevent the water to get in there. Are you thinking of doing this? if so, have you ever changed a timing belt or chain before? the reason i ask is because this one sucks real bad to do, and if its your first one you are gonna want somebody that has done this type of maintenance before so you dont ruin anything. if you got a 4x4 the alt. and power steering pump suck to take out. I found out later that if you take the wheel off and pull the plastic wheel well, it will make your life a lot easier. Also, nissan puts about 3 gallons worth of RTV on that cover, so its rough prying it apart. It honestly made my a$$hole pucker up cause i thought it was going to snap in half.
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I used a strap wrench to hold it and a ratchet to loosen the bolt. Then i took 2 big a$$ screwdrivers to pry the pulley off. I'm sure an impact gun would work fine though.
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