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Timing chain question

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My first question is do you need to replace the top chain guide? I ordered a kit and the guide that sits on-top between the 2 cams isnt in the kit. Dont wanna get it torn down and not have all the parts i need. Also, is it necessary to take the oilpans off if i can blow them out with compressed air? assuming the only reason that you take them off is because water from the water pump might leak in there. I am doing this on Sat so i wanna make sure i got everything together. thanks
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i wrote that second list. if you want to do a complete job, replace everything you can. keep in mind that my list does not have the primary chain tensioner on it (i have that part number back home in fl at the moment) - its the large curved one on the primary chain on the passenger side of the engine.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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