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ok i ran into a problem.. tore down front of '00 2.4 2wd to replace timing chains, gears, etc.. i noticed the top gears were off the mark on the chain..anyhow i 'had' the motor on tdc while i removed everything, and somehow the cams are even further off the mark..

is there anyway i can get the cam on tdc without a chain on there now? I'm afraid it moved a little when i was unscrewing the bolts that attach the gears to the cam... man those are torqued over 145ftlbs...



well rob lets see, perhaps you can set the cams where the exhaust valves are clear and line them up where the timing chain will be on both cam gear marks and the idler gear. You'll know you're tdc when your number 1 cylinder is at compression stroke at tdc, balancer lines up and for sure when you slap it all together your distributor will line up just right with your oil pump and your rotor will be at #1 cylinder.. (remember my truck was off tdc with the chains off)..

you'll be changing your chains soon people, nissans sorry excuse for a timing guide will have your tensioner put a hole right threw it..

good luck........

thanks for the help..
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