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Tiedown weight restriction

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I am hoping to purchase a '10 Frontier and have several questions. I would like to carry my wife's motorcycle in the back. The dealer told me that the tie-down hooks have a 250 lb each restriction on them. The bike weighs a little over 500 lbs. Any thoughts. Also, what would the weight restriction on the tail gate be as the rear wheel would be riding on the tail gate.
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If you are planning on hauling, make sure you get the utilitrac. This will give you the adjustibility of putting your tie-downs at any point along the rails. As long as you use 4 or more of the cleats, you should be good. Just remember, a couple of extra cleats never killed anyone so I would always use a few more with a few more straps to keep it all safe.

Now to the tailgate. The earlier models have a weaker designed hinge that tended to bend under extreme load. Your '10 will have the new design that is susposed to be able to hold larger loads. The one thing that caused most of the issues was a bouncing load so as long as the bike is secure, you should be good.

Side Note: What is the weight distibution on a bike? Is it more like 60 rear , 40 front or what? Basically would it be worth loading the bike backwards to keep the majority of the weight off the tailgate? this won't work wth large wind screens but if it was small and you wrapped the bike, it may work.
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