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Tiedown weight restriction

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I am hoping to purchase a '10 Frontier and have several questions. I would like to carry my wife's motorcycle in the back. The dealer told me that the tie-down hooks have a 250 lb each restriction on them. The bike weighs a little over 500 lbs. Any thoughts. Also, what would the weight restriction on the tail gate be as the rear wheel would be riding on the tail gate.
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Holding a bike upright in the bed of the truck will never put 250 pounds of load on the cleats. Even if you were holding 2 or more bikes lashed together in the upright position in the bed you would not put 250# of load on the cleats let alone 1000# on the 4 cleats you'll need to hold the bikes up. The 250# rating is direct load on the cleats. There are almost no situations where you could put 250# direct load on a cleat unless you decided to tow something with one or hook a winch to one to pull a heavy, dead weight load up into the truck.

I used to hold 3 bikes up in the bed of my Chevy truck using ratchet straps hooked to those little unwelded eyes bolted through the bed of the truck on either side of the bikes. I hauled those bikes over some darn rough back country roads and never bent the eyes or had a bike fall. I used to crank the straps down hard enough to depress the suspension of the bikes.

The cleats on my Fronty and the associated mounting hardware look one heck of a lot stronger than those little eyes I used to use. I probably wouldn't be concerned hauling a Harley around using those (if I could fit it in there :) )

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"Moral of the story is for maximum strength locate cleats right where the extrusions bolt to the bed."

Absolutely imperative with heavy loads cranked down hard. Just plain common sense is the rule.

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