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Tiedown weight restriction

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I am hoping to purchase a '10 Frontier and have several questions. I would like to carry my wife's motorcycle in the back. The dealer told me that the tie-down hooks have a 250 lb each restriction on them. The bike weighs a little over 500 lbs. Any thoughts. Also, what would the weight restriction on the tail gate be as the rear wheel would be riding on the tail gate.
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I'll say something that no one seems to ever mention.
The further you get to the ends of the extruded channels the more flex/give there is.
So basically if you are putting a cleat right on the end of the extrusion it will pull more than if you put a cleat in the middle of an extrusion.

Found this out hauling 1,100lbs of hardwood flooring.
I cranked the ratchet straps down about as tight as I could get them and I could see the extrusions on the floor of the bed bowing up.
Everything held for my 1 hour plus trip, but it had me slightly concerned so I drove like it wasn't even strapped down just in case.

Moral of the story is for maximum strength locate cleats right where the extrusions bolt to the bed.
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