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Thunda from down under

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Gday to all,

Im a proud owner of a Nissan Navara D40 D/C since 2007. Have almost clocked 80000km travelling to many off-road (OutBack) destination around South Australia, the state I live in. Have add a few things to the bus like Front Bar with Spotties and Arieal for the UHF. Ute has a Canopy with a secound Battery in the back to run the Engel keeping the impotant things cold. Underbody protection has been added and a set of Cooper ST. Interior is fairly stock, but have added a dual batt. monitor, UHF and scangauge. Want to give the bus a lift in the future and upgrade to stereo.

Anyhow looking forward to reading your post on this site. So catch ya Later
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yeah i was going to say... being from Vegas the threads title gives me a uncomfortable feeling. but i guess since your from Aus its okay
Oh well.....

LMAO NIZMO4x2!! usernam "American Storm" would be the other one!
Welcome to the party
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