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I have a few Thule components for sale. All of these components are compatible with 2nd gen Frontiers. All prices include shipping and Paypal fees.

I have a Thule fairing. It's in really clean condition. Comes with the plastic clips designed for Thule Rapid Aero bars. SOLD

I have a pair of Thule Rapid Aero bars. Comes with all four end caps. Condition is decent. Some marks and scuffs. SOLD

I have a Thule Rapid Traverse 480R foot pack kit. All four feet are in great shape, clean condition. Comes with all the components. Also has the lock cylinders installed. Comes with a single key that works on all four locks. SOLD

Thule fit kit for Rapid Traverse. I bought these and only used them for two months. I decided to use the bars on my topper instead. SOLD

Thule Glide and Set kayak carrier. $165 shipped

Feel free to PM me for my number if you have questions. I will also be happy to answer questions in the thread.

Thanks for looking.


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