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thinking of getting a CB radio

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Hey everyone just checking to see who has these in there trucks and what kinds. Found this one and think it looks good.

Cobra 75 WX ST Off-Road CB Package - $169.00
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Not to be an ***, but there's tons of threads about CBs, and there's actually a number of guys on here running the exact one you mentioned. Another popular one is the Cobra DC19 which is what i'm getting. I did a search last night for cb radios and found pages of threads on them before, check em out! Loads of information in em! Check the CB antenna threads too!
TY nothing taken by it I just like to post sometimes the search engine sucks *** and I like to hear things from the people first hand updates and all. thanks
if your just getting a cb to use when your wheeling and for stuff like that i would think that would work fine
No worries, by all means, i'm up for updates too. But do check the search under the heading 'cb radio' as there is loads of pics/info/intsalls, etc. Good luck with your install!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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