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thinking about doing a SAS

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i know this is a tremendous amount of work, and im ready for it, maybe. haha

but i would like a list of EVERYTHING

i want to run a D44 in the front, besides that, i know calmini makes a kit, but i know it doesnt come with absolutely everything

so would any one be kind enough to list EVERYTHING i need besides the d44 and the calmini kit

i have a 2002 frontier crew cab, it already has a 3 inch suspension lift from 4x4 parts (

thanks for the help guys!
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Do you have a welder available to you and are you confident in your welding skill? You will also need an angle grinder at the very minimum to remove the front end, or a torch or plasma would make it easier. You will need several things. Steering (heims or tie rod ends, tube, tube adapters, and hardware), suspension (whether it be leaf springs or some type of link setup and shocks), brakes (calipers, rotors, custom lines and maybe a master cylinder), axle ( rebuilt with gears, bearings, and seals at a minimum), and patience.

Doing a sas is a big undertaking. You need to make sure you are familiar with every aspect of doing it. Everything needs to be measured correctly and welded on corectly the first time to avoid major set backs and increased costs. Realize that when you think you have everything, you don't! Set a budget and then expect to blow it by atleast 50%. Not trying to scare you out of it but be prepared. When i did my sas i made several unexpected trips to the hardware store for odds and ends. I also made some mistakes when assembling things that cost me a lot of time and frustration. Do yourself a favor and figure out exactly what you want to do with your truck and do it.
Don't try and cheap out on things to get it done thinking you will upgrade later, this is what i did and I'm still piecing it together (thank god the last of the parts are showing up).

Where in Central Florida are you?
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