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thinking about doing a SAS

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i know this is a tremendous amount of work, and im ready for it, maybe. haha

but i would like a list of EVERYTHING

i want to run a D44 in the front, besides that, i know calmini makes a kit, but i know it doesnt come with absolutely everything

so would any one be kind enough to list EVERYTHING i need besides the d44 and the calmini kit

i have a 2002 frontier crew cab, it already has a 3 inch suspension lift from 4x4 parts (

thanks for the help guys!
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count on spending upwards of $8k easy. coilovers and linked setups are more expensive, so plan on even more.
we need to know more about your truck and what size tires you plan on using and what you plan on doing with the truck to be more helpful.
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