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thinking about doing a SAS

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i know this is a tremendous amount of work, and im ready for it, maybe. haha

but i would like a list of EVERYTHING

i want to run a D44 in the front, besides that, i know calmini makes a kit, but i know it doesnt come with absolutely everything

so would any one be kind enough to list EVERYTHING i need besides the d44 and the calmini kit

i have a 2002 frontier crew cab, it already has a 3 inch suspension lift from 4x4 parts (

thanks for the help guys!
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look on Nissan4Wheelers.Com - Nissan 4x4 Enthusiasts those guys have been a ton of help with the SAS on my hardbody

also talk to roastbeef or penski they have 1st gens w/ SAS penski even has the same truck as u i believe

o an parts will depend on whether your goin SOA or SUA but u will need new driveshafts and dependin on tires new gears youll also need some DOM for making the steering and some way of bringing the rear level w/ the front and new shocks all around
FYI if your planning on running that big of a tire on a 44 you'll need to run alloy shafts with a higher spline count or you will be blowing shafts up left and right. 37+ is Dana 60/ 1 ton territory
depends on what hes plannin on doin for general trail use and mudboggin d44s will hold up to bigblocks and 40s+ if geared & driven correctly
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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