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Thermostat advice

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My truck is taking a long time to warm up on these cold days and I am thinking of changing the thermostat. With 89K it's probably due.
Just changed the coolant fluid last summer.

I did a quick search and couldn't find any info.

Where is the radiator thermostat on the 6 cylinder engine?
Mine is a 2001.

Thanks for any help.....
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I think all our trucks take a long time to warm up. I live in the Northeast and from a cold start it takes about 5 miles for the needle to move. My other cars warm up a lot quicker.

Maker sure your fan clutch is operating ok. I don't think a thermostat will help unless yours is stuck wide open.

Thanks for the info. Sounds like my thermostat is working just like yours, so it's normal.

One less thing to worry about.......

Mine warms up to normal temp in about 3-5 miles but I am getting intermittent SES ligth saying thermostat is open.......
Thanks Telemike

I would still like to know exactly where the thermostat is located if anyone knows....
On the front of the engine, follow the top hose to the thermostat housing
Follow the BOTTOM hose and you'll find the t-stat, at least on my '01sc.
look down behind the belt pulley bracket its a pain to get to.
i just changed mine cause the housing cracked.
my truck will idle for ten min in 30 degree weather and will push luke warm air until i start driving it. even checked my coolant to make sure there was enough water its just the way they are.
sucks with a 7 min ride back and forth to work im cold alot.
i did notice a small wet spot on lower hose to heater core. when it gets alittle warmer im going to flush it in the truck and see if that helps.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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