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There's a new red PRO-4X in PDX...

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Just picked it up today.

CrewCab, Red with the leather.

So far so good.

The only problem I noticed so far is that only the "low" light on the heated seat goes on even when in the "hi" position. Odd.

Anyway, I used to work at Warn Industries (winches) up here, so I am pretty used to modifying trucks. My last build was a Chevy-powered CJ-7. This one is the family truck so we won't be going quite so crazy.

Will keep you all posted as this one progresses.

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even though you say you wont go crazy... you will probably go more over the top then guys like me will... although if i had enough cash my (next) fronty will be sas'ed.. but i'll prolly have to settle for just a run of the mill lift... but congrats man... hope you love, enjoy, and cherish your truck...
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