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The Nissan Frontier era begins for me

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Hello members,

My name is Townsend Wilson and I've just bought a used 2015 Nissan Frontier S model. Many moons ago I drove my Dad's Datsun truck- big difference to the Nissan of today. Looking forward to adding to and using the forum. First off for me is to rig up some sort of rack for my kayaks given the lack of stake pockets on the Nissan. I'm impressed with the bumper capacity to pull trailers though.

I'm a retired engineer here in Nova Scotia, Canada and am wondering as well re. rust protection needed. We put a lot of salt down here in the winters. I use compact trucks for everything! Like hauling firewood or gravel, bikes(incl motorbike), transporting kayaks, pulling small sailboat trailer, etc.

Looking forward to joining this website and participating where I can...
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