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Hey Guys,
Some of you may have seen my White Xterra and since I ran it straight into a Caddy and it is currently deep in the throws of extreme surgery I decided I needed a new vehicle for my adventurous lifestyle.

Nisstec-XP Red Dragon 1.0

Username: DragonX
Year: 2014
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier
Trim: Pro4X
Color: Anodized Orange

Ram mounts for phone
Weathertech seat mats
Smittybuilt Universal Tan Molle Seat covers
Removed rear headrests and installed shorty Xterra Headrests for rear vision.
Red Color matched Interior plastics

Frontrunner bedrack with custom risers. 4 Gal Rotopax, 2 gal Rotopax and 2 gal Water rotopax, on side mounts.
High lift jack mount.
Frontrunner slim table
Frontrunner featherlight RTT

M205 Titan 3rib front diff

Front Suspension: Full Titan swap
Total chaos upper control arms
Radflo 2.5 coilovers with 600lb spring
Custom heim tie rods
Rear suspension:
Bilstein 4-5" Lift 5100 series rear shocks
Alcan 4" with Nisstec adjustable shackles. Rated 400lbs over stock
Spidertrax hubcentric rear wheel spacers

Stock pro4x 16" wheels with
255-85-16 BFG KM2s

Armor: Hefty Fabworks aluminum front plate bumper. 55lbs
Hefty Fabworks full aluminum skids
Smittybilt 10k x20 Waterproof winch with synthetic line

AFE Cat back
Bed Rack with 4 Gal Rotopax, 2 gal Rotopax and 2 gal Water rotopax,

The Day I brought her home!

How she site now

A day at the beach with all her mud flaps and shiz removed

Freshly lifted with wheels and tires

Installed CVT Mt Batchelor RTT

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Looking Nice!

Just wondering....why not mount the rtt in the bed?
I only mounted it on the roof because It was a last minute thing. I plan on building a bed rack for it and mounting it there.
It did work pretty good on the roof though..
not a bad option in a pinch.

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I recent got hooked up with frontrunner outfitters and worked a deal out to do some product testing with them. I installed a bedrack and featherlight RTT.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Automotive tire

Vehicle Car Pickup truck Automotive exterior Automotive tire

Also installed some radflo 2.0s in the rear to help out on those long dirt roads.
Suspension part Suspension Tire Auto part Automotive tire

And then I came across a set of used Prg upper arms and had to jump on em. I'll probably titan swap after MOAB but until then these are working out great!!
Auto part Suspension part Coil spring Suspension Tire

Last but not least I ordered up some factory color matched paint and did up the grill and a couple interior pieces.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Vehicle Car Nissan Steering wheel Center console

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Where is the rest of this build? I am trying to track down more photos of your truck. I would love to see how much the factory wheels stick out with the Titan swap I would also love to see how your bed rack is working with that trick table slide.

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Yeah, we need to hear about the heim steering. Hint.. hint..

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Ok guys. Since I have been a real chump on update I'll try and catch up.
I think I left off a while back. So here are my newest suspension mods

Titan swap radflo 2.5s
Suspension part Coil spring Shock absorber Auto part Suspension

TC upper arms, m205 Titan diff.

Alcan 4" lift leaf pack from
Tire Automotive tire Auto part Wheel Vehicle

Fully swapped
Suspension part Coil spring Auto part Suspension Tire

Once I got the suspension done I decided to try out a controversial tore size and see if the camel trophy guys were on to something. I went with skinny 255-85-16 BFG KM2s
Another reason I went with them was that wig the the stock wheels and Titan swapped they actually tuck perfectly into stock fenders.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire

Oh. And I installed a TJM snorkel from
Motor vehicle Fender Automotive exterior Tire Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Motor vehicle

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Update #2

The crown jewel of my build
The 50lb aluminum hefty fab bumper
Available exclusively from

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle Car
Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle Auto part Car
Electrical wiring Wire Auto part Vehicle Electrical supply

Smittybilt x20 10k winch with syn line. All together the entire bumper with winch came in at 96 lbs
Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Car

I think it came out ok ;)

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Update #4 [
Full aluminum skid plates from hefty fab. These are amazing slid plates. I installed them and then totally abused them in Moab. They held up really great! Believe me when I say I abused them!!


Post Moab! Vehicle Car
Automotive exhaust Auto part Tire Automotive wheel system Exhaust system


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Thanks man. I have a wrap around hefty rear bumper getting built as well as a couple other little miss coming pretty soon. Been pretty busy with business, racing etc and the build threat kept getting back burnered.

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This is basically what I'm looking to do with my truck to build it for overlanding. I have the armor and bumper situation figured out but I'm really lost on the truck bed setup. Do you have any details of what you have for your setup?

Mainly looking for recommendations on bed rack and cargo storage.

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Yeah I saw those. I was more curious about storage like a drawer system or something. Mainly interested in trying to see how to keep dry and clean.

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Great build.

How do you like your SpiderTrax Hub Centric Wheel Spacers for off roading? I run the same tire size on my stock Pro4x wheels as well. Thanks
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