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The New Guy

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Howdy all :hi:

Just joined the forum and wanted to tell ya about myself. I'm a 22 year old Mechanical Engineering Technology student at Northeastern University in Boston. Originally from central CT and have been into cars and truck (especially trucks :hick:) my entire life. My father's '84 Chevy C10 (2wd) was my first which I'm trying to rebuild currently. I then got a '99 S10 (2wd) because I couldn't afford the mileage on the '84.

I graduated high school in '05, and as you all know, the Frontier was redesigned for '05. I fell in love with it almost immediately... I knew I had to have one at some point. Now 5 years later, just about to graduate college, I found a deal I couldn't refuse on the ideal truck for me. A dealer in CT was promoting "We will pay your payments for one year!!" on the radio last weekend. So I went down just for haha's to see what the gimmick was...

NO GIMMICK. I put a deposit down on a '10, Night Armor, KC, PRO-4X, 6-spd, Tech Package (which they have to get from somewhere in the midwest); they're going to cut me a check for the payments through Dec '10...while not quite a year, that's awesome!! Hopefully I'll be finalizing the paperwork this weekend!! =)

I hope I can learn as much as possible from the members and previous posts here! Maybe I can add a little something too. Thanks for reading my jibberish!
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welcome were in central CT are ya from? there is a good number of use that try to get together around the hartford area a few times a year
Welcome aboard the best site for everything Frontier related.
Welcome to Club Frontier.

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Welcome to the club! Sounds like a BA truck! I want to see what came with your tech package hehe.
Congrats on the new truck. Hopefully it arrives soon. I just picked up my Frontier 6-speed a week ago and you WILL be very happy with it. Good luck.

congrats on the truck man. welcome and you'll find all you need here.
Thank you all!

Yeah I always seem to have ideas rolling around in the empty space above my shoulders... Nothing as of yet. I am curious when the E-locker engages though. Is it true it will only engage in 4lo?? If so, that might be the first modification

I'm from Southington actually, I was reading the central CT post you put up in early Jan and I know exactly where in Plainville you were talking about. I've only been once for dinner, but I'm totally game to meet up.

I'll take some pictures when it comes in :)
Does your dealer have an idea when the truck will arrive?

Welcome and enjoy.
good deal on the truck, can't beat a year of payments, hope you can afford it after december
Much thanks!

The dealer said it should be in by Monday or so... I'm in no BIG rush. But the more time I spend searching the forums the more I seem to want it.

Fri, can I permanently borrow that "welcome" sign??

Cnicook, I was hoping the same thing :crikey: I wanted thank you and anyone else on the forums for what your doing for our country. Keep your head down and your heart up.
that whore puts that welcome sign up for everyone. go ahead and steal it.
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