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Another Ken Burns film that will no doubt be nothing but superb., comes out September 27.

Link to PBS

Yellowstone was the world's first national park. Democracy at it's finest, we chose to preserve the most beautiful features of our lands for the use of all the citizenry. I enjoy films like this, someone took the time and effort to explore the stories behind our national parks, national treasures, really, dig up old archive photos, interview lots of people, and put it all on film for showing and distribution only with PBS.

Excerpts from About the film

....The National Parks: America's Best Idea is the story of an idea as uniquely American as the Declaration of Independence and just as radical: that the most special places in the nation should be preserved, not for royalty or the rich, but for everyone....

....Like the idea of freedom itself, the national park idea has been constantly tested, is constantly evolving and is inherently full of contradictory tensions: between individual rights and the community, the local and the national; between preservation and exploitation, the sacred and the profitable; between one generation's immediate desires and the next generation's legacy....

....Wallace Stegner called the national parks "the best idea we ever had," and no activity of the federal government engenders such universal support and public loyalty....

....Nearly a decade in the making, The National Parks: America's Best Idea is a visual feast, featuring some of the most extensive, breathtaking images of the national parks system every captured on film....
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