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The infamous squeak!

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I know there are TON's of threads already that are about the squeaks of a nissan. But all those don't help me in my problems with the infamous squeak. so ive including pics of where the squeaks are coming from.if any body know how to handle this.please help me out!

so if i bang this =

whic is connected to this =

it makes the exact bird chirping squeak noise that ive been hearing.but when it rains or i wash my doesn't make that noise until it dries. any body know any remedies to this? or have the same problem. or better yet any nissan mechanics out there? please help :sickly:
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do you think its gna be alot of work?that means i gotta take off my whole front bumper eh? i just got done fixing it lol because it was loose.:fantastic:
Does it still chirp after you tightened it? Maybe just loosen it and squirt some grease between the parts and tighten it up again.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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