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The Fear of voiding your warranty with aftermmarket parts

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I have occasionally read that some of you have taken off your aftermarket parts before you go to the dealership for warranty work. Some of you are afraid that it will void your warranty.
I was at the dealership today for warranty work and decided to speak with the service manager about this subject. I asked him if I WERE to purchase an aftermarket (non nismo and not installed by the dealer) CAI, throttle body spacer, and exhaust, would that void my warranty.
He Informed me that He has many new car and truck customers that install these type of parts on their vehicles and have never seen a direct problem arise from these.
He did not see a problem with anything I mentioned.
He gave an extreme example of a guy who put a nitrous system on his 2005 maxima.
He came in for a problem with his maxima and removed most of the nitrous system but left some of the injectors. They decided to go ahead and fix the problem once but told him they would not do it again.
This dealership seems very progressive. My advice would be to ask the service manager the same question I did and see how they respond.
If you don't get the response you want got to another dealership (if you are lucky to have another Nissan Dealership in your area.)
I guess I got lucky. The Dealership is Davis Moore in Wichita, funny thing is I did not buy my truck from them.

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I have occasionally read that some of you have taken off your aftermarket parts before you go to the dealership for warranty work.
That would be me! I guess I just know how to pick the dealerships! Actually, the only aftermarket parts I've ever gotten grief over have been the intake components, and a lot of that has to do with filter that are oiled! I had an aftermarket exhaust on my F-150, and the Service Dept never said a word to me. They did mention the aftermarket Intake I had (which actually used the stock air box, just a different free flowing intake tube), they would refer to it as "that thing" I had on my intake! I also had a K&N filter on my Explorer and that service department never said a word about the filter. It's the Nissan Service Writer I have now that gave me grief about the K&N Filter I had in the stock air box! The real concern I have with this service department will be if I ever do have a problem with the MAF while it's under warranty they will probably blame the oiled filter, even though I had one in my two fords, and never had a problem with either, and the Fords seem more susceptible to the oil fouling the MAF than other vehicles! And, most of the problems I've heard about concerning the Fords was due to the owner over oiling the filter after cleaning it! I don't traverse dusty roads that often, so chances of my needing to clean my oiled filter before 50,000 miles is slim! I remove the CAI before bringing it to the service dept now mainly because I don't want to deal with the lecture i'll probably get! And, it only takes me about 5 minutes to swap one for the other, and I do my own oil changes, so it only goes to the dealership with warranty items anyway! I've owned it since June last year, and last week was my first trip to the service dept!
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Sounds like they went to the same service writer school!

As I have said before, a K&N, AirAid, or any other oiled filter probably won't cause any problems as they come from the factory. The problems occur when someone cleans the filter and applies too much oil afterwards!

Personally, I don't understand why a MAF costs $500.00! $50.00 sounds more reasonable, have you looked at one, there may be $5.00 worht of materials! If I could find a source for cheap reliable MAF's I buy one and have a spare! Maybe I need to start scouring the junk yards for trashed Frontiers, Xterras and Pathfinders and see if I can buy a couple spares for cheap!

As you mentioned, I've never had an issue with an aftermarket exhaust, and if I go with the JBA I'll probably spring for the stainless steel being as it will have a lifetime warranty! I won't have to worry about Nissan warranting it then, and it will be good long after the 3/36 is gone!
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I don't disagree with you, and I have read the Magnuson-Moss Act and understand the dealership has to prove the aftermarket part cause damage or failure of another part. I just feel I have one of those dealerships that would use the aftermarket part as an excuse to try and get out of a warranty repair, or just make me feel like I've done something wrong by adding the aftermarket part. They have already demonstrated this with their comment about the K&N filter. It's easier for me to just remove the CAI (which can be done in less than 10 minutes) and bring it to them stock. It would be much tougher to claim an aftermarket part caused a problem if there is no aftermarket part present when they see the vehicle! I really don't fore see the CAI causing any problems, so that leaves the issue of the lectures, and I don't care to have to listen to them, so for me, this is my way of avoiding such conflicts! I'd love to find a service writer that said "Cool, I'd like one of those for my truck", but I didn't get that lucky!
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We have at least 4 that I can think of off the top of my head, and one just opened. It's more of a convenience thing being as the one I bought the truck from is 3 minutes down the street and all the other are across town! The one that just opened is the next closest and I'm thinking of trying them. They own a dealership for just about every popular make of car, both american and japanese! A good frind of mine bought his Explorer from their Ford store and is very happy with their service department. I'll probably try them next because if I ever buy another Nissan, it will probably be from them anyway.

I may not have mentioned it previously, but the trip to the service dept last week, when they gave me crap about the K&N Filter was my first since buying the truck last June. So, I really didn't know how they would react until then. Now that I know, I'll be shoppong around!
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Ha! Yea, that would be a heck of a drive! I live on the South side of Indy, and Muncie is an hour from the North side of town, so it would be a pretty good haul! There are a couple on the west side of town and one of the east side of town that I may try first. I just need to find the time to drive by and start up an idle conversation with the service managers to see their thoughts, before I actually need to have any service done! With the mods I'm accumulating, it's no longer practical to try and remove them all before going in for service!
I live in Greenwood, off Smith Valley between 31 and 135! Hubler Nissan is where I bought it, and where I took it for the trailer wiring recall. They were who gave me a ration of crap about the K&N filter! They'd probably have a cow if they saw it now!

Did you buy yours from Muncie? I wonder if they would do the same for me being as I bought somewhere else? I know Hubler doesn't do loaners, even if you bought from them!

I was thinking of trying Andy Mohr in Avon, a buddy of mine bought his Explorer from their Ford store and has had a lot of good to say about their service department. Of couse just because the Ford Service Dept is good is no guarranty the Nissan Service Dept will be too, but they seem like decent people to deal with! Their Nissan Store wasn't open when I bought my truck, or I'd have probably gone there!
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Sounds good! At the very least we can get together and help each other with the installation of mods! I know it's a challenge sometimes doing some of these alone! And throwing back a couple colds one is always more fun when you're talking trucks! I'll let you know what I find out from Mohr...
And now that I know where to place the cables, we could do it in an hour! Just let me know when the beer is iced!
Hmmm... I guess we were getting a little off topic there! evmac, thanks for getting us back on course! :lol:
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