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Yeah! I do understand what you mean. For 2 years (00-02), I drove a Focus. I originally wanted a Civic but my budget only allowed me for a Focus. While owning the Focus, all kinds of problems came up---despite buying it brand new! On the road, I often get cut by imports of the same class. I dreamed and drooled over owning a Frontier for 2 years until I told myself---ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I headed over to my local Nissan dealer and traded in the Ford Bogus for an 02 Crew Cab XE V6 4X4. Now 4 years later (including a sound system and tire/wheel upgrades), my Frontier is running strong as ever! Except for the minor structural recalls, I never had any problems whatsoever in driving and maintaining my Frontier. I plan to keep my Frontier until it is fully paid and probably grab me one of those Titans when my budget allows it. Congratulations on your choice of owning a Frontier!! Long live Frontier owners!!!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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