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The Differences in the drivers around me.

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I think I am really going to love this truck...

If I continue to get the respect that I am currently getting on the road...

A little background... for the past three years I have been driving a 2003 ford focus...

getting cut off was a daily occurance... having to squeeze my way into spaces that people are closing the gap so I cannot get over was constant (I often times missed exits cause they wouldnt let me in front of them).

I think the truck looks so intimidating, I wasnt cut of once in my daily commute to work, I didnt have to fight to make a lane change, all I had to do was turn on my blinker and I was alloted more than the space required to get over.

on the interchanges where someone would normaly try to over take me, no one did....

for those who dont live in california, you probably wont understand what I am talking about....

those who do, will know and understand what I am talking about...

all I have to say is this, I love my truck...
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Where in Cali??
FORD FOCUS !!! they even get run of the road here.
What a huge step up , you probable get a nose bleed from the change in altitude.
You will also notice all the extra chicks who want to hang out with you.
I know exaclty what you mean. I live in the bay area in Cali and used to drive a Ford Escort. Be nice gentlemen. I had to drive pretty agressively to get where I needed to go. Although all I had to do on city streets was blair some Slipknot through my 10" subs with the windows down and people would generally stay out of my way. Now that I'm in my Frontier I could be driving Miss Daisy and people stay out of my way.
outlnder said:
Where in Cali??

Near long beach.
gfronty05 Posted: Fri May 05, 2006 12:10 am Post subject:


nyc is the same!
was going to say the same thing, used to drive a caravan and had the same thing happen to me when driving in the city. now it seems they give a little more room.
Nah, it's just because the Frontier is relatively new, and people don't recognize what they are, so they let you in to see what you're driving! Once there are a few million on the road, like Escorts, Foci (plural for Focus), and minivans, people won't give a crap anymore and start cutting you off just like they did before! It has nothing to do with respect, they're just being nosey! I've lived in Cali too, Sunnyvale area, so I know what you mean, a turn signal illicites the same response as a light tree on a dragstrip! :lol:
Yeah, there are alot of head turns. I don't see tooo many frontiers around yet.
Yeah! I do understand what you mean. For 2 years (00-02), I drove a Focus. I originally wanted a Civic but my budget only allowed me for a Focus. While owning the Focus, all kinds of problems came up---despite buying it brand new! On the road, I often get cut by imports of the same class. I dreamed and drooled over owning a Frontier for 2 years until I told myself---ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I headed over to my local Nissan dealer and traded in the Ford Bogus for an 02 Crew Cab XE V6 4X4. Now 4 years later (including a sound system and tire/wheel upgrades), my Frontier is running strong as ever! Except for the minor structural recalls, I never had any problems whatsoever in driving and maintaining my Frontier. I plan to keep my Frontier until it is fully paid and probably grab me one of those Titans when my budget allows it. Congratulations on your choice of owning a Frontier!! Long live Frontier owners!!!
1. I live in the Bay... the cutting off, the blocking, I know this phenomenon you speak of, well. Oh, and the leap frog. You are in the left lane, doing 80 like the person in front of you, and the person in front of them, and so on and so on. The freeway is at the limit, everyone sets their space cushions, and all is well. The left lane alone has a line of cars that stretches d&mn near to the horizon itself. The jerk behind you thinks that he will gain a WHOPPING .5 seconds by passing you on the right and then cutting back in front of you- only to get right back into the line of infinity ..... WHY?

Now, when someone is doing 50 mph in the left lane, and the lane is open for MILES in front of them- and there is a LINE of cars behind them, those people deserve to get cut off.

2. I did drive an 01 Camaro SS however, having the power to jump in front of people in order to make exits before they know what hit them is a good thing. And it's quick enough that I don't have to cut people off so closely.

3. I forget what else I wanted to chime in on except for...

4. There are SOOOOO many TACOs around here... I LOVE having my FRONTIER!!
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