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Thanks- forum very helpful

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I recently got rid of my Frontier, but my son now has it and it is still in the family! I would like to thank everybody; this forum was very helpful for me!!!
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My new mid-life crisis mobile!


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Current Mods
100% coverage of Paint Protection film - completed
Baja Designs lower grill light kit - completed
Diode Dynamics Fog pocket light kit – purchased, but not installed yet
Revolver X2 bed cover – purchased, but not installed due to a part issue
TSC Horse/Stall mat in bed – completed

Possible Future Mods
50 Watt VHF Radio
Dash Cam
Rock Lights

The tires are great, but they do like to pick up pebbles and release them later on the highway
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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