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I would like to extend a thank you to Shrockworks. My front bumper was received by my roomate and she did not check it for damage. Once I came home to inspect it, I found a large gouge in the of the bumper and along the top and bottom of the bumper. It looked like the bumper was rammed by a forklift, no damage to the metal though. :) I called into Shrockworks and spoke with Mark, the only thing he asked for as proof was some pictures of the damage so they could pass them along to the shipper.

Shrockworks offered to cover up to $90.00 for a local shop to poweder coat my bumper. I informed Mark that I would have a hard time finding a local shop to take care of it and that I had planned on Hercing the bumper instead. He then offered to give me a flat $90.00 refund to make things right.

I feel that companies receive many complaints and good customer service should be acknowledged more often! In this case, Shrockworks provided me with fast and effective customer service. I will likely purchase from them again.
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