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Talked to Nissan Canada today...

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After a week of waiting for them to call back, I had the pleasure of recieving a call from Nissan Canada. Apparently, a faulty wiring harness is only good for one year and 20k, but they will still pay half of the bill.

I had some evap codes apppearing lately, and one dealer replaced the canister and then blamed any other problems on my body lift. A week later, I got more evap codes, and after many BS stories from the previous dealer, I went elsewhere for another opinion. Well...

Turns out there was nothing wrong with anything with my evap system, but the wiring harness inside of my ECU had started to crumble. The wires were literally falling apart on their own, inside of the closed ECU. There were actually over 20 codes being thrown. I had asked the dealer for pics of this work prior to anything done, yet they refused. Turns out the ECU is covered under warranty (I have extended warranty) but if it was wiring - well, that's not covered.

At the end of the day, they confirmed my body lift had nothing to do with the problem, they confirmed no one had been inside of the ECU, but the ground and secveral other wires had freyed inside of the enclosed ECU...and therefore, Nissan Canada, though not under warranty, would pay for half of the cost. I've never really ever experienced a harness (let alone inside of the ECU) not outlasting a vehicle. I've rebuilt many cars and reused old harnesses in the past. Think twice if its a Nissan.

I think this is probably the end of the line for me on this truck. I have had several small issues over and over again with this truck, and now if a harness can't make it three years, I really don't know if I want to deal with the headaches afterwards. So much for thinking this truck could be my 10 year investment. 5 years to go...or maybe sooner
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I'd tell Nissan about this forum and the thousands of members who read the posts. Ask them if it's worth it to them to lose potential buyers as well as lose you to the competition? Don't give up too easily.

They charged $400 for a wire replacement? What will half the money do? They can just refuse the other half. Heck, I would have had the part replaced, put it on a credit card then disputed the charge and make them do a charge back.
Usually the consumer wins on that.

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