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Hi everyone.. Picked up my Frontier back in January.. Up until last week, the engine was very quick to start, usually requiring cranking of a half-second or so. Starting last week, it started taking about 2-3 seconds of cranking before it turns over.. Ive been running the Superchips 87 Tune for a few months now..

Does this sound like something I should bring it in for, or might be related to the tune? Also, I noticed my LT fuel trims were at around -3.8/-7.8 (due to the tune, Im almost sure) -- is that potentially bad over the long term?


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No issues with my truck, it starts like a champ, and has the 87 tune in it for about 9 months now.
Im interested in the "LT fuel trims were at around -3.8/-7.8" comment tho. I dont run the cortex "monitoring" ... could you expand on that?

thanx d-mo
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