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Hey guys i know its been talked about alot but the piece that connects my passenger side tail gate to the truck has snapped. Im out of warranty and would like to replace the part but I cant find it anywhere online. Can someone link me where i can find it. I have a 05 Frontier SE 4x4 with 67,000 miles. I HAVE HAD SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS FRONTIER AHHHHH
-Gas gauge doesnt work
-Reverse went out needed a tranny rebuild
-Heat doesnt work in winter
-low tire pressure sensor goes on randomly
I take very good care of my truck and have never even towed anything or loaded it with anything before. VERY frustrated
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When nissan thought my transmission was EFFED (bad ECM), they put a NEW transmission in that had a failed reverse, dead reverse. Put my known good transmission back in and threw a new ECM in, perfect.

My tail gate hinge broke on the driver side, the little brass looking pos that fits into the tailgate... I'm just going to weld a piece of thick tubing on there and make it like it should have been from the factory, that pissed me right off.
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