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Tail/Brake wiring harness on a 2015

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So my camper shell's center brake light apparently has never been connected. I want to rectify that but I don't want to use those damn quick-connects that use insulation-displacing connectors on the existing wires.

When we did the trailer wiring on my wife's Jeep, the kit came with a T-connector that took signal by having one unplug the harness from the back of the tail light, plug the t-connector into the harness, then plug the t-connector into the light housing. Wires off the t-connector then ran to the trailer lighting controller. I've been trying to find a similar arrangement for the Frontier but so far I'm not having a lot of luck.

It appears that there are two different wiring harness configurations for the D40. The early one uses a harness attached directly to the bulb sockets, with a single large connector for all lamps. This later 2015 Nissan Frontier uses discreet connectors for each bulb, so one for reverse, one for turns, and one for brake/tail. The first two are two-wire, the third is three-wire.

One of the things making my search difficult is that I could not find any clear pictures of the wiring harness connector or the bulb socket connector, so I decided to take some and post 'em for others that may be in a similar position.


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FYI in case anyone is still looking for these connectors, this is the correct part and is reasonably inexpensive:

It also works for the front signal light connector, I used these to make a T-cable to wire in my ARB bumper signal/marker lights without messing with the factory wiring.
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