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Tail/Brake wiring harness on a 2015

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So my camper shell's center brake light apparently has never been connected. I want to rectify that but I don't want to use those damn quick-connects that use insulation-displacing connectors on the existing wires.

When we did the trailer wiring on my wife's Jeep, the kit came with a T-connector that took signal by having one unplug the harness from the back of the tail light, plug the t-connector into the harness, then plug the t-connector into the light housing. Wires off the t-connector then ran to the trailer lighting controller. I've been trying to find a similar arrangement for the Frontier but so far I'm not having a lot of luck.

It appears that there are two different wiring harness configurations for the D40. The early one uses a harness attached directly to the bulb sockets, with a single large connector for all lamps. This later 2015 Nissan Frontier uses discreet connectors for each bulb, so one for reverse, one for turns, and one for brake/tail. The first two are two-wire, the third is three-wire.

One of the things making my search difficult is that I could not find any clear pictures of the wiring harness connector or the bulb socket connector, so I decided to take some and post 'em for others that may be in a similar position.


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One more picture, the harness itself.


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Replying to my-self Ooh Ooh Oh-oh...

Looks like Nissan calls the grey female connector 11020W9A03-GR, and it might be the same connector used for the ignition coils. I found other part numbers J-48817-110 and J-48817-125, apparently Bosch numbers. The family is "HS" for what that's worth. Still trying find out what the male connector is called and any part numbers.


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More I look at it I think it's the 125, not the 110.
It looks like Toyota uses the same 11020 socket and did before Nissan did, so I speculate that Nissan decided to simplify their parts-list by using the same bulb-socket part as Toyota used.

Someone else needed to extend a socket and didn't want to cut up the wiring either, they managed to eventually track down a Toyota 90980-11607 plug that was used on an Asian-market Hilux. 90980-11607 is unfortunately entirely bare, and has to be populated with pins and seals.

So if I were to build-out a t-connector of my own for the one side to activate the center brake light I would need the following:

1- Toyota 90980-11020- 3 pin female plug

3- Sumitomo TS/SL Female terminals CONN-11856

1- Toyota 90980-11607 3-pin male plug

3-Sumitomo TS/SL Male terminals CONN-10069

6- Sumitomo HM/MT/TS wire seals CONN-00145

Plus whatever I use to come off of one of the connectors to connect to the two pins of the center brake light.
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Contacted my local Toyota dealer today, their parts department confirmed that part number 90980-11607 is not domestically available. Looks like it'll be hitting the ebays to get one unless I can find a better choice. I would still like to know the actual manufacturer's part number prior to it being Toyota-ized since I expect it comes from another supplier like Bosch or Sumitomo.

EDIT: looks like 90980-12697 and 82821-50550 might be crosses for 90980-11607, but having trouble finding pictures.
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