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t swap dune pics

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just some shots all around my home town


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I'm not going to lie, a little disappointed. Was really hoping for some air, but I guess they are still pretty cool pictures, even if you're not flying through the air

not letting me put more than 2 for some reason


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dont worry going to get a lot of action vids once i get bump stops and rear shocks


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That sounds good, I like the Polaris and the dunes themselves, looks like a awesome place to live
looks like i need to make a road trip
Its actually great there are so many places to ride the dunes are just a small part it takes me 15 Minutes to get there in truck from home and 25 minutes if I leave from house on quad. I just cross one major street and desert all the way to the dunes
pull your ABS fuse and you won't be fighting your ABLS in the sand.
Mustard I'm guessing that will help me not get stuck since I'm 2wd.
if you can run locked in hi then that is the best, if not pull you fuse..
I wish I had 4x4 for the dunes. That's why I want to slowly build my truck into pre runner so I can just hit the dunes with speed where is it that u pull the fuse from if I'm not mistaken its around the coilover
nice pic's
thanks mike will get a ton more with a lot of footage once the truck is ready to go. still waiting on suspension parts.
havent seen many lifted other frontiers in el paso. just a 4 door with titan swap like mine. everybody has stupid fords down here
Do u live by cielo vista? Theres a 4 door w very nice lift. Ull see mine around there isnt many
nah i live more around redsands where loop 375 is. i want to get a club going for nissans in el paso!!!
Lets do it ive seen like 3 more lifted.ones. I also live by joe battle by americas high school
So i know there hasnt been a response in a few months, i just got here in jan and went to red sands last week. 4x4 and i still got it stuck going to slow. would like to meet up for a ride one weekend.
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