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System sounds tinny with loud dash speakers after speaker and head unit upgrade.

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I have a base system with 6 speakers. Here’s what I’ve done:

Head unit – JVC arsenal 22wx4 rms

Dash speakers- kicker 3.50 2 way 50w rms

Doors -Pioneer 6x9 3 way 50 watt RMS

Rear speakers- Pioneer 2 way 40 watts rms

Small sub under rear seat.

The system is very tinny no matter how I adjust the EQ. Dash speakers are really loud, and the 6x9s are really unimpressive....can barely hear them. The speakers all work, and I am relatively certain are in phase. From what I understand the stock front speakers are wired in series. The harness from my deck has a lead for each speaker. I am wondering if this is my problem?

Has anyone else noticed this issue? I am considering getting a small amp for the 6x9’s and running RCA inputs back to the head unit.
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I know this is an old thread, but I just finished removing my front dash tweeters.

Last winter I installed new speakers, kicker 6x9s and 6"3/4s, into my king cab fronty that already had a pioneer head unit.
It sounded great but it vibrated the crap out of the doors at loud volumes so I decided to add an 8" JBL powered sub that would carry the bulk of the lows, which worked fantastically.

Even before the sub, when I first installed the speakers, you could tell that the tweeters in the front were playing too loud. I tried to play with the settings and got it as close as I could. When I installed the sub, I think it balanced a little better, and I think the speakers equaled out more now that they weren't pushing the bass, but in some songs, compared to other sound systems, the mids did not hit as hard.

After reading this thread I tried messing around with the tweeters and the EQ to see if removing them would make any difference. After about an hour of plugging and unplugging while comparing with all different types of music, country, rap, metal, and of course some classical, I made the decision to disconnect them. The more I listened, the more I liked it. I could now blast the music a couple notches higher without my ears bleeding and I ended up setting the bass a little lower to match the new high/mid levels. I probably haven't listened to it long enough to say that the levels are balanced but it definitely stopped my door speakers from being outplayed. And I think it got rid of some obscurities in the highs that the OEM tweeters were putting out. I wouldn't say I'm an audiophile, I just like to enjoy good music. Let me know if you have any further advice or if I should do something different.

Thanks guys,
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Sooo... just curious, when you said "I tried to play with the settings and got it as close as I could" what 'settings' are you talking about that isn't the head unit's built-in EQ?
Well I was probably referring mostly to the head unit's EQ, but I guess there are a couple other settings that could help. Just so you know my EQ is different than standard, in other cars I've driven the EQ consists of only bass, mid, and treble, but in my frontier is has like 10 or 12 notches correlating with wave frequency.
Bass boost - Just a general boost, less specific to a particular range like the EQ is. Before my sub you couldn't here the bass without it on +2 or +3
cross over - I use it now with my sub woofer so that the doors don't have to play the lows as loud. Now that I think of it maybe you could use it to dial down the highs on the front speakers?
There are a lot more setting that still look foreign to me so maybe I'm missing something else, I just discovered how to program the time alignment yesterday.

Pioneer AVH-X491BHS
@raine If I installed 8 ohm tweeters would more power go to my door speakers?
And IF I were to reroute their power, is it possible to tap into the speaker wire and use some other little separate amplifier to drive them? Kind of like an iddy-biddy sub and amp setup?
I'm sure i'll end up doing something to improve it down the road, but my fan pulley bearing just popped this morning and it shot the fan loose which knocked off the serpentine belt. bigger fish to fry. lol.
Thanks for all of the assistance!(y):)
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