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System sounds tinny with loud dash speakers after speaker and head unit upgrade.

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I have a base system with 6 speakers. Here’s what I’ve done:

Head unit – JVC arsenal 22wx4 rms

Dash speakers- kicker 3.50 2 way 50w rms

Doors -Pioneer 6x9 3 way 50 watt RMS

Rear speakers- Pioneer 2 way 40 watts rms

Small sub under rear seat.

The system is very tinny no matter how I adjust the EQ. Dash speakers are really loud, and the 6x9s are really unimpressive....can barely hear them. The speakers all work, and I am relatively certain are in phase. From what I understand the stock front speakers are wired in series. The harness from my deck has a lead for each speaker. I am wondering if this is my problem?

Has anyone else noticed this issue? I am considering getting a small amp for the 6x9’s and running RCA inputs back to the head unit.
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Before going any further, you said "The harness from my deck has a lead for each speaker" - you sure about that? You just said you have 7 speakers, but your head unit is most likely 4-channels.
Good point....I didn't communicate that properly. I've only got front and rear, so yes only 4 channels. Which means my 3.5 inch speakers are getting the same power as my 6x9's correct?
Thanks for your help! I do have tone, fade, and cross over controls in the deck. I'd ditch the dash speakers but I am a little worried about what my phone calls would sound like. Do you think that fear is founded?

If I disconnect the rear speakers and run those wires to the 6x9......I am guessing the easiest place to make that happen would be the kick panel on each side? My only concern with that plan is the rear speakers are not all that loud either. Could just be placement tho.

My other thought was just to pick up a small amp and run the 6x9's separately. Do you see any issues with that......Other than more wiring?
Thanks for all the advice. I am going to start with disconnecting the dash speakers. Worst will at least sound better until get an amp on the 6x9's.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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