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Burned a few brain cells searching through the treads but can’t seem to find a definitive answer so figured I’d just ask.

Anybody have any experience using the Energy Suspension Greaseable Poly Sway Bar Bushing/Bracket set on their 2nd Gen? | Sway Bar Bushings

If so, which part #? 9.5173, 9.5168 or 9.5167?

If not, why not and what do you suggest instead?

As I got working on suspension upgrades over the weekend I confirmed what I’d been suspecting for a while which is that that my sway bar bushings and end links are 100% shot. Bushings were basically seized had to soak with pen lube and loosen the brackets to get the sway bar to rotate downwards and out of the way. I’m hoping poly bushings hold up better than OEM/rubber which simply isn’t cut out for northern climates, plus I like the idea of a zerk fitting for easy lubrication.

For the end links I was going to go with the Whiteline cut-to-size ones in order to compensate for the longer coilovers and maintain proper geometry, but if you guys have any other suggestions I’d be happy to hear!

Much appreciated! Cheers!
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