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I finally have all of the components for my suspension setup (I think). Anyone see anything I'm missing? I don't go off-roading all that often, but wanted to have something that works well when I did. Mostly used for a DD. Looking at getting some BFG KO2's in 265/75R16 along with either the Bully Pro wheels (8.5" wheel, -6 offset) or Fuel Vector wheels (8" wheel, +14 offset). Still cannot decide between those wheels. Even contemplated keeping the stock wheels.

I've had a slight popping or clunking noise in the R/F that I've (or the dealership) has been unable to find. It has been there since new (currently have 2,500 miles on it). I'm kind of hoping replacing the whole strut assembly may eliminate that noise for me.

- Radflo 2.0 Extended Travel C/O's set at 2"
- 1.5" Deaver AAL
- Bilstein 5125 Rear Shocks
- Cam Bolts
- 2.0 Degree Axle Shims

Seems like a pretty simple install except for the UCA's so I may attempt to tackle this myself instead of paying a shop.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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