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2016 P4X CC AT.
Use: 95% pavement. No hard core max articulation even when off-road.
I plan on owning this for a decade with no substantive change in use.

So, I'm looking for a long-term solution (pre-packaged kit or piece-meal items) to address known deficiencies (rear leaf sag) and achieve desired characteristics for stance.

1. Increase load capacity without "significantly" compromising street ride (say 300-500 lbs increase in bed weight over OEM).
2. Add 2" front, with slight rake (rear higher by .25" to max 1.0" without load).
3. Ability to pull motorcycle trailer ( with combined weight of <1,300lbs., tounge weight <400lbs.
4. Solve OEM leaf spring sag once and for all.
5. Future option to increase tire size up to 285/75/16 (32.83" dia.) without cutting fenders/wheel wells.

The PRG 2x2 AAL does not meet #1, #2 and probably #4.
1. Airbags, there's a few threads about the Firestone RideRite setup in the forum for more info.

2. 2" up front is easy, 3" in the back is easy. Read the Suspension Sticky for your options. Then check out other member's suspension setups. You should be able to find all the answers you need.

3. Can't help you here.

4. The only way to really solve this long term is to go aftermarket full leaf replacement.

5. No cutting? Not gonna happen. EDIT: I consider removing parts for clearance in the same category as "cutting" in this subject.
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