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2016 P4X CC AT.
Use: 95% pavement. No hard core max articulation even when off-road.
I plan on owning this for a decade with no substantive change in use.

So, I'm looking for a long-term solution (pre-packaged kit or piece-meal items) to address known deficiencies (rear leaf sag) and achieve desired characteristics for stance.

1. Increase load capacity without "significantly" compromising street ride (say 300-500 lbs increase in bed weight over OEM).
2. Add 2" front, with slight rake (rear higher by .25" to max 1.0" without load).
3. Ability to pull motorcycle trailer ( with combined weight of <1,300lbs., tounge weight <400lbs.
4. Solve OEM leaf spring sag once and for all.
5. Future option to increase tire size up to 285/75/16 (32.83" dia.) without cutting fenders/wheel wells.

The PRG 2x2 AAL does not meet #1, #2 and probably #4.
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