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surplus city 2010 schedule

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i just saw this on pirate figured i would post it up im sure i will be at every single one of these there awesome events the w.e. rock events are a little more serious competition but there all good first ones end of next month plenty of time to get a day off :)
Surplus City's Urban Assault OHV Combatzone's 2010 Schedule - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
come on up
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heres a thread with pics from the last one just figured i would put it in here to refresh everyones memory :)
bump come on norcal people watch some one else break there sh!t for once
i should be able to make it again but cant be sure til it gets closer.
it should be cool its all the pro guys again should be a good time plus the weather should be just right this time not smokin hot not to cold
well todays the day first day of the w.e. rock season opener ill see you there f-town if you decide to come??

im not sure if im going tomorrow i might have to go pull some jeep parts instead but well see ima bring the shocks just incase you show :)
well it was a good time for sure lots of bad a$$ rigs and some great drivers im too lazy to upload my pics but heres some from the pirate gang they had the pirate4x4tv van out there it was kinda cool watchin guys like shannon campbell wheelin and only 20 min from home all you could hear was rev limiters all day you guys all missed out heres a link to the pics from pirate
2010 W.E. Rock Oroville
well theres another event this weekend i dont expect anyone to show but its gonna be another good show if anyone is interested let me know its always fun to watch someone beat up there rig while yours is safe in the parkin lot :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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