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Was getting tired of oncoming traffic flashing their brights at me every time I pulled the boat to the coast early in the morning. I didn't really want to lift the rear, just keep it from sagging as much with my little boat hooked up. It only dropped an inch or so, but that was enough to put the front higher than the rear.

Height of rear when unloaded

Height of rear with boat hitched up

I read the pros and cons of numerous options and finally decided on helper springs. I opted for Supersprings and did the install yesterday.

First step after lifting the truck (by the frame) is to trim the bump stop to fit the mounting bracket (only needed for spring over configurations).

Next, bolt on the bracket, then install the spring and clamp the spring to the bracket - was simple, even for me!

The install resulted in a little over an inch of lift. Even though I wasn't looking for lift, it was less than most of the other AAL or leaf pack options I looked at.

Her it is with the boat hitched up - about 3/16" higher than empty before the install.

Here is how the truck sits on my (slightly slanted) driveway.

Here are a few shots of the springs after the install - they actually have a bit of arch to them now…

The ride feels pretty good on the limited trips I've done this weekend. I'm hauling the boat to the coast tomorrow, so I'll let you know how that goes.
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