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Superchips Cortex programmer

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Sold my 2006 Nismo today, selling the programmer I was using. I returned the truck to stock before selling, so it's good to go.

$215 plus shipping from Atlanta.

(I'll be out of town this week - 22nd through 26th, but I can ship ASAP upon my return.)

Toss me a PM if interested.
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I've received about 5 PMs on this. This is what I'm going to do since I'm out of town this week:

When I get back in town on Friday night (Feb. 26), I will email you everybody in the order which they PMed me and give you the option of purchasing. Once your 24 hours is up, I'm moving on to the next person until I receive payment.

It will then ship out the door the next business day.
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