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superchcarger help/ advice

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i have a 93 d21 hardbody with the vg30e and i wanna supercharge it via the vg33er set up... i have been doin some research tryin to find all the factory specs for the vg30e and the vg33er... what size injectors will i need? what size cams? what kinda pistons should i use? will the intake an supercharger fit on the vg30e? im not worried about hood clearance issues due to the fact i have a 5" cowl hood on the truck now.... what kinda boost is the factory supercharger pushin? how much boost will the 3.0 block handle? will the internals hold up? what all will i need to do the swap?

as for the cam i found a set of jwt with lift .473"/266 duration... and 740cc injectors i belive... will that be too much? not enough? what some good sites to go to, to find performance parts/ information....

any and all help is very much appreciated,
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How many miles are on that truck? Is it even worth boosting?

Just an FYI: The oem superchager only raised the hp from 190 to 210 so its not exactly worth it on the oem side.

Also, the 300zx have a TT option that puts down a bit of power so that may be a good place to start looking since they share a similar block.
i dont even know if thats possible. im guessing you would have to get some custom cast manifolds if the bolt pattern on the two engines isnt the same cause drilling new holes would make it too weak. you would be better off and probably even spend less money to just do a complete engine swap to a vg33er. but if you really want to spend the money id just get like a crate 350 small and pop on a weiand. plus you wouldnt need to worry about ecu's any more which would be very nice since nobody custom tunes these older ecu's. heck here ya go. just make your own engine mounts and go junkin for a turbo 400.
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