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supercharger wows, any help out there?

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I get a lot of noise from my supercharger. Any body out there get the same? Where can I buy another? What wears out in them. Can I run with out it?
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please give some kind of info.
what kind of truck do you have? is it a nissan?

you know a s/c makes noise right?
yea, 2001 3.3 supercharged. had trans pump seal go 1 1/2 year ago and so it sat in the drive way. I started it up and clang clang clang real loud now. sounds like a bolt is thrown around in the SC. Sc mad niose before but not this bad. Now I disconnected the sc and the engine still makes the noise. Somthing is banging around in there. I changed the timming belt my self and had to back up the cam. it was really hard to get it right after the crank moved. it's been running now, before the trans seal went, for about 40000 on the new timming belt. Know about these tranys?
You can have them rebuilt and it does get to the point where you have to. If you search on YouTube there are some videos about it that will help you better understand your supercharger.

Here is a couple:

YouTube screwed their site up and I can't find the really good one I was thinking of.
Engine making the noise with the SC unhooked? There is more to this!

I think I am getting to the bottom of the problem. Let's see in a few days.
Over a year later you bring this thread back and again don't provide any details.

Good job.

That ought to do the trick. Fix ya right up in a jiffy
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As you have not deducted, the trany post I have out here have everything to with this truck being parked for two years. The noise I thought was from the Super Charger is possibly coming from the Trany after discovering flex plate to converter bolts missing. The investigation continues. Driveway mechanics is not that easy and when your broke all the time, due to injuries, you have to depend on outside help which does not come easy. Thank You for your comment, your making this post quite popular.

I was trying to find a way to delete one or two of these but could not find a menu for it. Please refer to my other resent post.
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