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Supercharger pully swap

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hi everyone, I have a 2003 frontier s/c and I was looking into putting a smaller pully onto the supercharger. i was trying to see if anyone has done this yet, and if so, what problems did you run into. thatnks.
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These guys sell them. I bought a pulley and belt from them for my SC 2003 Cobra. You probably will not need a new mass air flow sensor unless you running some major boost.

Some cars can be rich from the start and a slightly smaller pulley with more boost won't hurt your engine. But all cars are different and respond different to mods so you would definitely need to put it on a dyno (before you get on it) to tell how safe your factory tune (air/fuel ratio) is with larger amounts of air being forced into the motor. They say on their site that you do not need a new tune but I wouldn't feel safe unless I got it checked. You don't want to lean it out and fry your motor.

Hope this helps a little.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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