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supercharger pulley tool

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Does anybody here have the puller tool for the supercharger? I got a pulley coming this week. Would it be better to pull the nose cone off and just put it on a press or is the puller my best bet? I have a basic puller but I don't want to damage anything.
Stephen Chandler
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Pulley Puller


Best to buy just the Pulley Boyz tool if you can't buy one second hand. A press would be great but, it would take a custom jig, and a generic puller I think would just taco the pulley.

I just did a swap and it was awkward at best getting the stock pulley off. I really mangled the stock pulley with even the Pulley Boyz puller (which I've learned apparently is a given), and "personalized" the tool. I would be very apprehensive about borrowing someone else's puller here, knowing now how much you can ding these things up in the operation.

Pulley Boyz instructions are good though, but follow them to the letter. Starting with the standard wrenches used with this tool (the brass colored threaded center press is a 1/2 head I learned the hard way) and even engine temp when you start. Then generously apply the anti-seize.

Best Luck,
Mark S
Thanks for the response, I took the snout to a machine shop yesturday and they couldn't do anything with it. I guess I will have to buy the puller. I just can't see paying that much for a tool that you can use only once.
Tools, Supercharger Rebuild Programs & Eaton M62 Video

I hear you on the pulley tool, unless you think you might be experimenting with your supercharger and changing pulleys in the future, as I will no doubt be.

Machine work on these superchargers is a specialization (like transmissions) and there're shops were that's all they do. Do a "Eaton M62 Supercharger" Google search or of even eBay, and you'll find a number of shops offering rebuilt nose cones and core exchange. Do the numbers on whether it's cost effective to have them do a bearing, seal, and pulley replacement or you after shipping, your time, and yes tools -you know they have. If you happen to live close to one of these shops by happenstance, it may be reasonable for you have them just swap pulleys for you too, but the bearings and seal are pretty cheep comparatively and worth starting fresh with -it's the tools and expertise that're expensive!

I did a search at YouTube and was knocked out by the of specific video covering this topic. Here's one you might appreciate. The guy removes the pulley (S/C removed from the car) with a generic gear puller and what looks like 200 zip ties -too funny, but apparently possible.

YouTube - Working on the Supercharger Part 1

The next YouTube video I've attached a link for is a video clearly exhibiting what I believe I am dealing with. 2 complete rebuilt superchargers were replaced and a third was about to bolted on when it was discovered a bad knock sensor was causing this racket! The knock sensor, by the way, is parked deep under the supercharger and the intake manifold and is bolted to the block:( -no piece of cake to go in after. It explains why the KS relocation thread is so popular here at the forum. Speaking of tools now, I'm now waiting for the OBDCOM USB diagnostic program for my lap top to read my ECM's code alerts for this KS or other system issues.

YouTube - Frontier SC

Mark S
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