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Supercharged 04 - Awaiting Next Issue

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I've had my titled truck for almost three years. Here's the story:

I bought a janky house, scored a good deal on a cool chameleon d21, and learned how to fly a paramotor. Everything was going great! Then I got a dog. A big-*** doodle dog. He's a daily shop creature who quickly outgrew the single cab in that little d21.

Winter came and I had forgotten that the little truck needed a new heater core. Have I mentioned I'm in Indiana? We have winter. That was a terribly frustrating job in the bitter cold and the dashboard was completely roached. I began to sour on the little truck.

I also began fantasizing about driving long distance to fly. That would require something with a few more creature comforts and more power than the mini-truck and mighty ka24e had to offer.

One of my worst habits is browsing Craigslist. It's cost me thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of frustration. I had decided to shop for Frontiers since I'm not a big dude, don't want a big truck, and I guess I'm a Nissan guy by the number of s12s I've owned + the hardbody. Problem was, all the Frontiers were out of my price range and I don't do auto loans.

After talking myself out of a lifted and boosted Honda CRV (it was really cool - wish I had a picture), I kept shopping and finally stumbled across this truck about an hour and a half away from my house. I think the listing was $8,700 which was still well outside my price range. Normally I would have let it slide and kept shopping and saving, but on a whim I decided to offer my little truck in trade + basically all my cash.

Surprisingly, the guy said yes. He was trying to eliminate a car payment and still wanted a truck in the fleet. He even agreed to meet halfway. My little d21 made the drive down some backroads to a gas station where I handed over the keys and all the cash I owned. Here's the truck fueling up for the drive home. 4x4, 5 speed, short bed with a rebuilt title.121,000 miles. It's the newest and nicest vehicle I've owned.

It's been reliable as heck and I've enjoyed doing little things that make it a lot better. I even towed for my first time a few weekends back. It went well enough except for the obvious lack of power on the highway. Frontier isn't pictured but I promise it's connected to that trailer.

I've told myself a million times that I'm going to leave this truck alone, and to a large extent I have. I've changed the oil, spark plugs, head lights, added speaker, subwoofer, remote start, tonneau cover, new tires, replaced a door hinge, window motor, dashboard LEDs, reverse light switch, backup camera..... and I think that's it.

However!! I am a fool. After towing with the truck it has become clear that I will no longer be able to leave it alone. I had been passively shopping down this path for some time, and I don't want to consider a new truck right now. It also seems that Nissan doesn't make the shorty 4x4 crew cab 5 speed Frontier in the configuration I'm after. Or if they did, it's in limited numbers. I like everything about this truck except for its juice.

I lowballed a seller a week or two ago just to pretend that I tried and maybe buy myself another year or two of stock goodness. Then, this popped up for almost the same price as my lowball -- including shipping.

So the plan is to get this motor, tear it down, and have the parts ready to go onto my truck whenever my convertible is back on the road. I understand the differences between my motor and the supercharged motor but I'm not too worried about it. Seems like enough people have done it without blowing up their NA motors. I'll use the SC injectors and hope for the best. If it does go poorly I'll have a backup engine.

The main thing pushing me to use the original motor is an inability to find a 4x4, manual, supercharged ECU. Again, if Nissan made any in that configuration it wasn't in large numbers. I would love it if somebody could prove me wrong and provide a part number for an ECU that will work with the truck I'm hoping to build.

Right now I've got a tracking number and a dream. This project may not officially kick off for a couple months or even years, but I've been lurking this forum enough to make an account and an introduction.

Glad to meet y'all. This forum has helped me a bunch already.

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Welcome to CF! There are other CF members that plan to add the SC to their truck and some that already have successfully added the SC.

Best of luck. Keep us posted on your progress.

The word janky always makes me laugh, whether reading or hearing it.馃
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Today I (hopefully) fixed a power steering leak and also added a hood strut. I had tried this last weekend and gave up after realizing the kit wasn't made for my truck despite Ebay saying it was compatible. Bonnet Hood Shock Lift Struts Bar Support Arm Gas Spring For Nissan Frontier USA | eBay

Used both lower sections of the install kit on the same side and drilled a hole where I thought was right. I got close, but the hood doesn't open as far as it does on the prop so I'll have to ovulate the bottom bracket and shove it closer to the vertex of the hinge. Once that alignment is set I'll add the second hood strut using the remaining pieces from the kit. I think I can see how to cut them up and make a mirror of the left side.
View attachment 328606

One strut does hold the hood up but it doesn't take much to bring it back down. Two will be just right
View attachment 328605

Video of them in operation and some unnecessary rambling:
That kit is for 2nd Gen Frontiers.
Here's a link to the kit I installed on my 04.
Here's a pic and a link to some of the stuff I've done to my 04. Some of the Installs / mods I've done
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design
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Those do look much more professional. As they should for three times the price!

I've definitely visited your build thread before. Any tips or links for the EZ Down tailgate assist?
There is a less expensive option.

The Sachs Stabilus EZ Down tailgate assist model #SG325900EZ are for the 2nd Gen Frontier and required slight modification to get it installed.
The colored dots and lines were areas that were making contact and I had to do a lil bit of grinding to allow for smooth operation.

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Bad azz!馃
Glad you're up and runnin!
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Added a tailgate helper that was designed for a second gen Frontier. Had to cut the lower mounting bracket and smash the cable up a bit. Once I got it on the tailgate would eject itself out of the hinge because the hinge bushings are completely shot. The rear bumper also isn't aligned right... truck's been hit sometime in its past.

View attachment 335892

Modified lower mounting bracket:
View attachment 335893

Hose Clamp to keep the tailgate from jumping out of the hinge:
View attachment 335894
It won't pop out of the hinge if installed on the passenger side.
But I installed two EZ Downs and also had to add the hose clamp on the driver side.

The EZ Down is supposed to be on the inside and the cable on the outside.

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These hood struts don't require modification. Just need to relocate the rubber fender / hood bumper.

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