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In my truck I have my custom computer-based audio/video/everygodamnthingyoucouldimagine project installed in my dash, I kept the steering wheel controls useful by mapping them to control the media software. .. Track up/down and vol up/down is the same but mode/pwr is now Playmode(shuffle/normal)/play-pause... I was planning on eventually painting some interior pieces in my truck.. haven't quite figures a color scheme just yet though. I wanted to pain the plastic pieces on the steering wheel over the cruise and stereo controls ... the question is, how the hell will I be able to put the labels back on ? I'd like to keep it looking stock instead of just painted, stripped labels and super modified looking.

I set up my ex-girlfriends mother up with her vinyl sticker business, she's got some nice cutters, I could cut super super tiny stencils, but ... those cutters only cute so small, the resolution of the step motors probably isn't small enough to cut out good enough labels. Think I could make stencils from a laser cutter?.. yikes. Hmm..

It was worth asking :)

Any input is appreciated and if anyone suggests a good paint for interior plastic, throw it out because I really don't know.
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