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Sun Visor Organizer Mod

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I couldn’t find a visor organizer that didn’t interfere with the mirror on the back side, so I came up with this solution. Finished product is right below and I’ve included some quick visor removal instructions also…

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1. Use a panel removal tool or small flathead and pop off the bolt cover. It just snaps in place.
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2. Remove the 7mm bolt holding visor in place.
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3. Gently pull back and down to expose wires for the mirror light, then unsnap the connector.
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4. Once visor is out cut off the elastic strap off left side of the visor organizer. Then add some Velcro strips to visor and organize. I added a little hot glue to the Velcro for better grip to the cloth.
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5. Attach visor organizer to visor and reinstall visor.

Let me know what you all think or if there’s another solution to this problem that I didn’t think of.
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