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Sumitomo Encounter HT?

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Anyone running these tires? They are both cheap and highly rated on Also, since I work right around the corner from Tirerack, I can ditch the shipping charges by picking them up myself (saves $96 shipping). I'm not an off roader so I don't care about that. But I do live in MN and spend a fair amount of time pulling a 2600 pound enclosed snowmobile trailer in the winter. So I'm most concerned about winter driving and also pulling my trailer in the winter.

Consumer reports makes it sound like a pretty much middle of the road tire. Rates its wet braking as "poor" but ice traction and braking "good".

Looking for any comments from people actually running this tire. Note: there seems to be two different versions of the tire. There is a regular one that I assume is for SUV's and also an LT, light truck version which is what I'm looking at. Crew Cab&autoModClar=SV V6
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